The Path Of Necromancy In Pathfinder: A Comprehensive Guide

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Necromancy is a school of magic that deals with death, the undead, and the manipulation of life force. In Pathfinder, it is one of the most controversial schools due to its association with evil and taboo practices. However, necromancy can also be used for good, such as reviving fallen comrades or protecting the living from undead threats.

Understanding Necromancy

To become a necromancer in Pathfinder, one must first understand the basics of the school. Necromancy spells typically fall into three categories: death, negative energy, and undead creation. Death spells inflict damage or death on living creatures, while negative energy spells drain life force. Undead creation spells animate corpses or create new undead creatures.

Death Spells

Death spells are often used to incapacitate or kill enemies. They can also be used to heal undead creatures, making them a valuable tool for necromancers. Some popular death spells include “Blight,” “Bleed,” and “Finger of Death.”

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Negative Energy Spells

Negative energy spells drain the life force of living creatures, weakening them or even killing them outright. Necromancers can use these spells to heal themselves or their undead minions. Popular negative energy spells include “Inflict Wounds,” “Slay Living,” and “Vampiric Touch.”

Undead Creation Spells

Undead creation spells are the hallmark of necromancy. They can be used to create zombies, skeletons, or other undead creatures. Necromancers can also use these spells to control existing undead creatures. Popular undead creation spells include “Animate Dead,” “Create Undead,” and “Control Undead.”

Controversy and Ethics

Necromancy is often associated with evil and taboo practices. Many societies view it as a perversion of the natural order and punish necromancers accordingly. However, necromancy can also be used for good. Necromancers can revive fallen comrades or protect the living from undead threats.

Becoming a Necromancer

To become a necromancer in Pathfinder, one must have a high Intelligence score and select the Necromancy school of magic. Necromancers must also have a strong stomach, as many of their spells involve the manipulation of corpses and life force.

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Mastering Necromancy

To master necromancy in Pathfinder, one must study the art of undead creation and learn to control their minions effectively. Necromancers must also be able to defend themselves against anti-necromancy measures, such as holy magic and undead-hunting adventurers.

Uses of Necromancy

Necromancy can be used for a variety of purposes in Pathfinder. Necromancers can create undead minions to do their bidding, protect themselves from harm, or even create a personal army. They can also use their spells to heal or revive fallen comrades.


Necromancy is a controversial and powerful school of magic in Pathfinder. While it is often associated with evil and taboo practices, it can also be used for good. Necromancers must be skilled in undead creation and control, as well as defending themselves against anti-necromancy measures. If used wisely, necromancy can be a valuable tool for any adventurer.

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