How to Restore Golf Cart Batteries

How to Restore Golf Cart Batteries. Golf enthusiasts know why golf carts are so important. Especially when it comes to moving from one hole to another, but in addition to playing golf, these carts can also be used in other areas where there is a need to cover short distances easily and quickly.

How to Restore Golf Cart Batteries

Golf carts do not charge themselves when used as normal vehicles. Therefore, you need to constantly charge them every day. But this constant charging and discharging causes sulfation which reduces the capacity of the battery. Sulfation occurs when salts or esters of sulfuric acid form around lead plates. A good battery can appear practically dead due to the excessive build-up of salts from sulfuric acid.

Can You Revive Old Golf Cart Batteries?

The good news is that you can revive old golf cart batteries. Do not rush to throw away the batteries because you can renew them and continue using them. You can do this by cleaning the lead plates to remove sulfates that block the terminals.

But not all golf cart batteries can be reactivated. If the battery has reached its useful life, reactivating it will be a waste of time because it will not hold enough power to run the golf cart. Therefore, not all old batteries can be reactivated.

If the battery has reached its full useful life, you should replace it with a new one. This is because, even after restoration, it will only cover a few holes. The average cycle life of a lead-acid golf cart battery is between 150-200 cycles.

When sulfates react with the atmosphere for so long, cleaning lead plates becomes even more difficult. If that’s the case, I recommend you get a new battery. If not, you can reactivate the golf cart battery by the following means.

  • Recharging the battery cells
  • Battery cleaning and inspection
  • Recharging the battery cells
  • Charge the battery overnight
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Does epsom salt restore batteries?

You can restore a golf cart battery by using Epsom salts. Buildup on lead plates is the main reason lead acid batteries fail. This buildup prevents sulfuric acid from coming into contact with the plates. Also, the lead-acid crystals that accumulate on the lead plates harden and cause a chemical imbalance. To remove hardened crystals, you need to use a solution of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt).

But the use of Epsom salt does not restore the batteries to their original conditions. Restoration will be about 70-80% which is a huge savings than buying a new one. In addition, the restored battery can last a few more years. Sometimes it will take more than using the magnesium sulfate solution to fully restore your golf cart battery. For example, you will need to fill the acid with distilled water. When the electrolyte is low, the battery will not produce power. That is why it is necessary to add the electrolyte. Please add distilled water to all cells if you want to restore the battery.

Do not use tap water because it will shorten the shelf life. Distilled water is the preferred additive because it does not contain any minerals that could potentially harm your battery. Also, it is important to ensure that the distilled water covers the plates.

Adding chemicals to improve the performance of old batteries is a trend that has been practiced for more than 70 years. They help dissolve matter that has built up around the lead plates. But if the plates have been worn due to shedding, the battery cannot be restored by adding Epsom, saline or distilled water.

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How do you restore a deep cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery is developed to withstand regular deep discharges. Other batteries cannot be used for the same function as they will not last long. But to use the deep cycle battery for many years, you will need to do maintenance from time to time. If it has deteriorated in its capacity, you can restore it by performing some specific tasks. This section will guide you step by step on how you can restore a deep cycle battery.

  • what you will need
  • epsom salts
  • Distilled water
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • old brush
  • turkey baster
  • Plastic container
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Step 1: Disconnect the battery

Disconnect all the cables from the battery. You can use a wrench to make your job easier. Next, unroll your golf cart battery and place it on your workstation. It must be well ventilated. Now remove all caps from each cell. Pour some acid into a plastic container in each cell.

Step 2: Cleaning

Dip the brush in a baking powder solution and use it to clean the battery. Now rinse it under running water carefully without getting it into the cells.

Step 3 – Fill the Battery with Epsom Salt Solution

To prepare the solution, you need to mix about 8 ounces of Epsom salt with about 2 quarts of warm distilled water. Fill this solution into the cells using a turkey baster.

Step 4 – Charge the battery

After following the steps above, place the battery on the charger overnight. The Epsom salt solution will work its magic to clean the buildup on the plaques. It is this buildup that prevents old batteries from fully charging. The next day, leave it to prolong the charge of some of ours before unplugging it from the power. If you notice that it has not fully charged at this point, you will need to replace it with a new deep cycle battery. But if it has completely changed, you can try it.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure the battery water level is sufficient for maximum performance every month. That way, it will serve you for many years. Also, if you have an old battery, don’t throw it away without trying to restore it with an Epsom salt solution and charge it overnight. It could save you some time and money before buying a new one. But remember that if the lead plates have worn away, Epsom’s solution won’t help.

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