How to Choose a Bike Rack for Your Car

How to Choose a Bike Rack for Your Car. If you’re new to bike racks, choosing the right one for your vehicle can be a daunting experience. Do you want a rack for 2, 3 or 4 bikes? Ceiling, gate, ball? They’re safe? To answer all these questions we have decided to create this simple step by step guide to understanding the different types of bike racks on offer.

Bike Rack

Types of bike racks

Whether you like to explore the countryside with the kids or hit the trails in the mountains, a bike rack is a key tool for taking your bike on an adventure.

tow ball bike rack

One of the easiest and safest ways to transport bikes in the car is the tow ball bike rack, one of the most popular types on the market.

Within the towbar, they can be of two types: hitch-mounted bike racks and suspended hitch-mounted bike racks. In both cases, you must mark the bike rack with a V20 plate. In the suspended hitch bicycle racks, it is also mandatory to add a license plate holder to include the license plate and the pilot lights.

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roof rack

Roof bike racks are perfect for occasional uses. Its greatest advantages are that it does not reduce rear visibility and that there is no obstacle when opening the trunk. For its installation, the roof rack for your car is necessary and once you have it installed, you can mount the bike rack. Roof racks for bicycles must be approved and firmly attached with the bar’s own fasteners.

gate bike rack

This type, also called a trunk bike rack, is placed in the trunk lid, and allows the transport of more than one bicycle, making it the best option for traveling with the whole family’s bicycles.

When mounting it and placing the bicycles, you have to check if it covers the license plate or the lights, because if it covers them you must use an additional plate with license plate and pilot lights, so you will need an electrical installation for it.

In addition, when transporting the bikes in the rear, you must also place the V20 sign and make sure that they never exceed the permitted length. The bike rack may protrude a maximum of 15% of the length of the vehicle and never exceed its width.

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This type of bike rack is not suitable for all vehicles, since not all cars have a tailgate, so before buying your bike rack, check if your car has a tailgate or not.

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decathlon bike rack

As for decathlon bike racks, there are several types like the ones we already know (ball, ceiling, gate,…). Some include the license plate and light supports that are necessary in some cases as we have seen previously, as well as the V20 signage. Therefore, they are ideal for transporting our Decathlon electric bicycle.

Buy bike rack online

It is a product that we can buy from home with complete peace of mind and receive it in a few days. We will have the advantage of reading the buyers who have already tried it and draw our conclusions regarding the result and the quality of the product.

The fact of being able to compare between various types, models and prices will also be useful to choose the one that best suits the use that we are going to give it.

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