Are Starburst Wrappers Edible? Here’s The Fact You Need to Know

Are Starburst Wrappers Edible? Here’s The Fact You Need to Know. Are Starburst wrappers edible? Frequently asked questions, especially for people who haven’t tried it. The candy wrappers are edible because they are made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and a mixture of other ingredients.

Are Starburst wrappers edible

In addition, Starburst has a variety of delicious flavors to try. So, this interesting information about Starburst and its wrappers you have to know.

What is Starburst?

In the early 1900s, William Wrigley, Jr. made Starburst inspired by his wife who loves candy. Wrigley started making candy after he saw his wife eating a piece of fruit covered in a sticky substance. Then, this substance reminded him of the sticky coating on a starfish.

Wrigley added raisins, nuts, sugar, and other ingredients into the mixture to get rid of the sticky layer. Since then, Wrigley has sold and used the name “Starburst” for his candy. The name is taken from the shape of the candy that resembles a starfish.

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On the packaging, Starburst uses colored wax paper which is thin and easy to tear off. The reason is to make it easier to see the amount of candy left in each package. In addition, the packages are also easier to count if they are stacked together.

Are Starburst Wrappers Edible?

If you are asking about are Starburst wrappers edible? Of course, you can eat them. Starburst is a candy made from sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, and artificial coloring. These candies are usually sold individually wrapped in plastic wrap.

Starburst is available in various flavors such as orange, strawberry, grape, lime, lemon, cherry, raspberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Uniquely this candy has a different color wrapper for each taste. These candies are often referred to as jelly beans because of their shape.

That’s the information about are Starburst wrappers edible that you need to know. Although Starburst wrappers are edible, they should not be consumed too much because they contain sugar and artificial coloring. Therefore, this candy should only be consumed in moderation to avoid health problems.

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