Are Rhododendrons Deer Resistant? Here Are Some Facts You Need to Know

Are Rhododendrons Deer Resistant? Here Are Some Facts You Need to Know. One of the most common problems when growing rhododendrons is deer. Are rhododendrons deer resistant? The answer may be no. It is because deer like to eat rhododendron, thus causing the plant to be damaged. Here are some facts about rhododendrons and how to protect them from deer.

Are Rhododendrons Deer Resistant

Are Rhododendrons Deer Resistant?

If you ask, are rhododendrons deer resistant? maybe the answer is no. Rhododendron is a genus that has more than 1,000 different species. This plant is not known to stage against deer. One of the plants that are used as a favorite deer is Azalea. While other varieties such as rosebay rhododendron and Carolina rhododendron are less favored by deer.

Usually, deer will start eating plants that are not targeted when winter arrives. It is because the deer’s favorite food is becoming scarce. Therefore, rhododendrons are the food of choice so that nutrition is maintained during the winter.

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During winter, it is common for rhododendrons in the garden to be crushed by deer. So, the owners need to protect rhododendrons with certain methods such as making fences to changing plants.

How to Keep Deer From Eating Rhododendrons

Pencegahan menjadi cara terbaik untuk melindungi rhododendron dari rusa. Biasanya the deer will keep returning to it once they have found a food source. Here are some methods to keep deer from eating your rhododendrons, as follows:

1. Install a Deer Fence

Installing fences is a common technique used by gardeners to protect rhododendrons in winter. Snow fences as high as 3-5 feet can be installed in the garden, but installation is considered ineffective because the deer are still able to jump over them. In addition, a much taller decorative fence can be installed around the garden.

2. Plant Rhododendron Varieties Deer Dislike

Deer will avoid plants with strong scents and some varieties of rhododendrons they don’t like. It’s a good idea to plant plants that deer don’t like so they don’t damage the garden. There are several varieties that deer don’t like, such as Gibraltar azalea, Carolina Rhododendron, and Rhododendron rosebay.

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That’s all the information about are rhododendrons deer resistant you need to know. Rhododendron is not resistant to deer because it is one of their favorite foods, especially in winter. Therefore, garden owners need to implement methods to prevent plants from being damaged by deer.


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