Importance of 1099 Tax Deductions for Self-Employed and the Tips

Importance of 1099 Tax Deductions for Self-Employed and the TipsNot all people are an employee. When it comes to earning money, many of us do jobs independently. These people are independent contractors and self-employed workers. To them, learning the benefits of 1099 tax deductions would be compulsory.

1099 tax deductions

One main reason why these people should write off deductions is to maximize their potential incomes or earnings. It is because they need to file for their taxes each tax season instead of getting taxed taken out of each check.

Another prime reason is to avoid penalties and audits. This way, they can keep track and prepare tax forms appropriately. Somehow, it can save money due to mistakes like overpaying their taxes.

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Simple Tips and Tricks to Prepare the Annual Report

Despite knowing the importance of tax form deductions, many self-employed workers have little knowledge about how to prepare the annual tax report. In this case, some tricks and tips can be included to make that job easier.

Log or make notes to your tax deductions

Study all things that you can deduct from the taxes. The list should be as many as you might think. You can either use the help of a tax expert or not. Once you know the option, make a log to track all expenses to be included in 1099 tax deductions.

Don’t mix work and personal accounts

Always avoid mixing personal and work accounts. If you break this rule, you won’t be able to keep track of your expenses neatly. On the other hand, you should keep credit cards and bank accounts separate.

The purpose is to simplify the work when you need to find out which costs were for work and which expenses were for personal needs. Don’t make that mistake and always keep those two things apart!

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The Deductible Things You Can Calculate 

So, you now understand the importance of 1099 tax deductions. What should you learn next? It must be the things or expenses you can deduct when the file the tax later. What are they?

Startup costs

All types of business need capital or startup costs. This somehow can be quite expensive. According to the IRS, you can deduct up to $5000 once the business reaches the age of 1 year.

Home office

The next primary deduction for independent workers relates to the place of work, especially the home office. The deduction can be done if you pay for it. It can be either renting or owning. Make sure to keep records and save receipts!


The next expense that can be deducted from your 1099 is office supplies, equipment, and space. All items you keep in that office can be deducted! This works for those who rent office space.

Phone bills and internet

If you use a computer, phone, or other related devices for work, you can get the deduction. The perfect way to set this up is by separating internet or phone line for work and personal use.

Interest on loans

Being an independent contractor or self-employed is unstable when it comes to financing. Sometimes, business loans are considered a must. The good thing is you can deduct the tax based on the interest you paid on those loans.


One of the challenges in running an independent contractor service is the competition. You should win clients by any means. One of the methods is none other than advertising.

Any cost you spend on advertising for increasing your business’ exposure can be written off on your 1099 tax deductions. This applies to any type of advertising media or method.


If you have joined continuing training or education, you can write this off later. The concept is simple, you can deduct any costs used to get extra certificates or licenses related to your expertise.

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Monthly payments

One of the expenses you can deduct on the 1099 form is your subscriptions. These include newspapers, journals, software, and others that cost a monthly fee. Even study materials and expert books include in this type of cost.

Health insurance

Let’s take this case. You are a self-employed worker and have been paying for your health insurance. That means you qualify to get deductions from long-term care, dental, and health insurance costs.

Mileage and car cost

This one is specifically designed for those who use vehicles to earn money. It is better to separate the car you use for work and personal use, though. Keep track of the miles and take note of all related expenses.

Travel costs

Any travels made for your business are included in the expenses or costs that you can write off on 1099 tax deductions. However, you need to show records of those business travels. As for the expenses, these cover lodging, gas, flights, and meals.

Savings for retirement

If you run an independent contractor business or be a self-employed worker and become a member of a retirement plan, the deferred salary can be written off either on your 1099 tax form.


What does it mean? Any costs of childcare can be deducted due to your business activity. These include paying a daycare service, hiring a babysitter, and many others.


Understanding the 1099 tax deductions can save lots of money when filing annual income tax, especially for self-employees and independent workers. On the other hand, you may end up paying more than you should if abandoning that procedure.

One thing, the tax deductions for the self-employed have had many changes since 2018. Thus, it is important to know what you can and cannot deduct each year to ensure your business’s success and profits.

If you have difficulties in calculating deductions for any expenses you have included in the list, you can simply hire a tax expert. This person won’t cost too much, so you can use him anytime.

The next thing I want to say is the fact that each self-employed has different conditions related to the expenses they paid for their business. That means each person may end up on a different list.

Some costs above are only examples. You must create yours based on the business you run. Write off 1099 tax deductions well and put more profits on your enterprise regardless of the field you are mastering.

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